So I did it! I finally did it. I made my first official blog. And if you are reading this, then you are a person that is important to me. This blog is a way for me to keep you posted on what is going on in my world, and to also share the musings of an young man with an old soul.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

I'm baaaaaaaaaack.

Hey friends. It's been awhile. I'm sure at this point any readership that I had gained is completely lost. So now my blog will return to the original purpose of a journal or (web)log: to document my thoughts, ideas and dreams. I can't believe that I have been in Bloomington for over a year now. More over its even more difficult to believe that I am now a full month into the semester. Time is flying by!

So here is what's going on in my life (the abridged version):

I am now President of the Black Graduate Student Association (BGSA), a graduate emissary (check out my other blog click here), tutor at Bethel A.M.E, Men's book study leader, graduate assistant, and student. Needless to say my life is pretty busy at this moment, but life is good. My life at this point is a series of highs and lows. This past week has been a high.

The reason? Well I'm glad you asked. I have been taking a Religious Studies class that has been kicking my butt. Well I felt like this week I had a break through. We were discussing Hegel's work Reason in History and I was able to make some great points in class. The previous four weeks I think I said a total of four words.

Also BGSA is very active and we are building a reputation on campus. I am excited about potentially being an organization that uplifts the Black community at IU. Finally (to top all this wonderfulness off) I have upgraded to a smart phone. I think I am now ready to face the world. Enough thoughts for one night. Well almost I got one more thing. If you don't know David Stovall you should check him out. His is my new academic role model. Check out the video below to understand why.

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